Gummy Bear Suppositories

Yeast Suppositories

Warning. This post is TMI. It is TMI because many of you read my uber hilarious story of dealing with a yeast infection, and lots of you liked it (hopefully not because you liked the fact that I had a horrific case of girly yeast.) And I had some follow up to that super ridiculous story that might be not just a little bit helpful. (For those of you who have not read my TMI post on girly yeast, please enjoy it here.)

I had a lot of lovely ladies reach out to me about that post, because, quite frankly, girly yeast is way more prevalent than I realized. That fact makes me super unhappy, because the yeasties are heinous. Over. the. top. heinous!! And the yeasties should never, ever, ever, have the power to control  girly parts.

One of the FAQ I received after that post was how to actually make the suppositories. While at the time, I just took hardened coconut oil and cut it into the correct shape, I decided most people might want a bit more clarity and definition. Enter GUMMY BEAR SILICON MOLDS!! Best. Investment. Ever.

Now, I added tea tree oil to this recipe. It works in this recipe without burnish discomfort, but do not put the tea tree oil straight up into your girly parts without the coconut oil. That burns with a hellfireishness that is horrific. Trust me on this one. I tried it. In the coconut oil, it helps kill off the yeastie beasties without burning up your hooha.

So here’s what I did. And it’s super easy. And there’s something not a little bit hilariously interesting about shoving teddy bears up….well….you know….

Okay, here’s the recipe…



Melt the coconut oil.


Add 10 drops of tea tree oil


Pour into the teddy bear mold

Teddy Mold

Put into the fridge for at least 30 minutes

Yeast Suppositories

Shove up…well….you know the rest….


Now go get rid of that girly yeast!!