Join Our Tribe

Join Our Tribe

I don’t really have a story. Not an eye catching, flashy story, anyway. Not an “I lost 100 pounds because I did this.” Story. My story is more of an “I’ve done this since before I could remember and will do it until I’m not physically capable.” Story. But it’s my story. And here it goes…

Once upon a time, there was a little girl with more energy than her parents could tolerate. So they put her in activities to wear her out. Swimming. Gymnastics. Softball. And they fed her well, because she was a ravenous beast. And she grew. And she kept playing. Softball. Soccer. Gymnastics. Cheer. Dance. Tennis. And even if she didn’t play it as a team sport, she still played it. Volleyball. Basketball. Swimming. Diving. Running. Hiking. Climbing. You name it-she most likely tried it.

Then she graduated from high school and went to college and turned into a gym rat. Running. Aerobics. Circuit training. Then she became an ER/Trauma nurse. Got married and started having babies. Started teaching conditioning at the local Y. And kept having babies-after four, she didn’t have time to teach at the Y. Enter here a home based yoga practice.

As her tribe grew older, she got them active too. Martial arts and gymnastics on top of club sports. And because she didn’t like to sit on the sidelines, she coached gymnastics and became a black belt in karate with her tribe.

Enter present day. The hyperactive pea pod turned into an active mother of eight. Who is still a ravenous paleoista beast. Who doesn’t really have time to join the gym, keep up her black belt or train for marathons. But she still takes time almost every day to keep in shape. Not just because she wants to look super awesome in her bikini on vacations, but because she just can’t live without it. The bikini thing is just a bonus.

So that’s my story. I do this because I need it. I do it because I’ve always done something to stay healthy and fit and active. My weight rarely fluctuates (unless I’m pregnant), and I can keep up with my tribe, regardless of the activity. Except marathons. I can’t do marathons.

I would love for you to join our tribe. My primary tribe thinks I’m a little wonky. They’re most likely right. I’ve been their coach and made them practice soccer and basketball and baseball and gymnastics and marital arts, along with making them run and play tennis and do yoga and 22 minute hard corps videos with me. I feed them kefir and kombucha and salmon and shrimp and liver.

They’re all ready for me to add people to our tribe. They’re ready for me to coach some other people on their healthy journey. I’m ready too. Join our challenge groups. Let us get you healthy and fit and active. You absolutely won’t be sorry. (Especially when you’re on vacation in your bikini.)

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Welcome to our tribe!!