Paleo thin mint smoothie


So, I’ve been doing this whole 30 paleo thing for 3 months now, and figured it was time to get back into my workout zone. For years, I’d been rocking the yoga and running thing, and that has been my MO. But now that I’m doing the paleo thing, I thought maybe I should start throwing around heavy things, or joining a crossfit gym, or joining the military and heading off to bootcamp…..

Anyhoo, I’m completely unready (New vocab word for everyone. Totally just made it up) to throw heavy things, have no time to get to a crossfit gym with my size XL tribe, and joining the military is out.  You get the picture….

So, I did what I usually do when I’m in a quandary….RESEARCH!!!! I don’t like repetition, need lots of support and encouragement when I work out, and prefer a combo of strength training and cardio (Yes, there’s an element of strength training in yoga. Don’t be a hater.)

I found a crazy workout series through BeachBody called 22 minute hard corps, and it looked super amazingness, so I decided to try it out. I’ve already been a beachbody on demand user (Don’t judge) and decided to get busy actually doing the P90x3 I signed up for many moons ago while I waited on my 22 minute hardcorps.  And I joined a challenge group for the support and encouragement.

Crazy thing happened….my usual foodie routine stopped working. I was ravenous. Crazy ravenous. Starving in Indiana. Ravenous. Wanting to add in protein powder supplements. Insatiable for food. I sent out a facebook message for help and got a ton of great advice. The best advice reminded me to go back to the basics and

More food? What a novel idea!! I started adding in a banana and almond butter before work outs, made sure I had my potatoes or sweet potatoes at least twice a day, and created this superlicious thin mint chai smoothie. It’s so yummy. It’s warm, and comforting, and chocolate minty in a paleo whole 30 package. Perfect for a first thing in the morning pick me up!!

Thin Mint Chai Smoothie
Super warming yummilicious smoothie
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  1. Chai Tea 1 bag
  2. Hot water 1 cup
  3. Young Living peppermint EO 1 drop
  4. Coconut Milk 1/2 cup
  5. Coconut oil 1/2 to 1 tablespoon
  6. Cocoa powder 100% - to dust on top
  1. 1. Boil water either on the stove or in your teakettle.
  2. 2. Place tea bag in cup and add hot water. Steep for approximately 2 to 3 minutes.
  3. 3. Add tablespoon of coconut oil. It will melt.
  4. 4. In a blender, mix coconut milk and peppermint EO-1 drop give a strong peppermint taste, so don't use more than 1 drop (maybe two, but no more)
  5. 5. Pour peppermint coconut milk on top of tea.
  6. 6. Dust cocoa powder on top.
  7. 7. Enjoy!!
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