Road Tripping Paleo Style: Top 10 must haves on the road

Me road trippin

I’m a serious homebody. I love to hang out at home with my nose stuck in a book lost in other worlds, times and spaces. My husband loves to travel, and so I’ve learned to love the wanderlust life too. To get out and actually experience those worlds and times and spaces I read about.

I also love to eat. Remember the ravenous paleoista beast? Yeah, that’s me. Being a ravenous paleoista beast, I’m super picky about what I eat. And that’s not always easy while road trippin’.

We’ve already taken a couple of road trips during my paleo adventure lifestyle, and I know we will be doing serious trippin’ this summer. Definitely Florida cause hubby loves Florida. And the Grand Canyon. I’m super excited to hike the Grand Canyon. But I digress. As usual. Back to food. When I realized we’d be doing some serious road tripping this summer, I did some road trip paleo style research (I know. Shocking.) and came up with super fabulous ideas to keep paleo on the road. And since I have an active tribe who are also ravenous beasts (minus the paleoista. Babysteps.) I keep many of these easy foods available full time in my backpack for soccer games and basketball games and baseball practice and scouts and….you get the picture.

  1. Almond Butter packets–we love these because they are pure protein and fat in a small little package. It’s a perfect breakfast paired with some all fruit chips.
  2. Fruit chips–I love fruit chips with my almond butter. Apple chips and banana chips are my favorite. They give you carbs and help fill you up-especially bananas. Be sure to look for no sugar or sulfur added. No need to have any crap nastiness in your dried fruit. And if you have time, make them ahead of time.
  3. Tuna packets–Buy the best quality you can afford and keep some plastic forks handy. You can absolutely eat it right out of the packet.
  4. Salmon packets–I found some wild salmon packets while out shopping recently. Again, as long as you’ve got a plastic fork, you’re all good.
  5. Larabars-We love larabars. They are protein and carbs in one compact package. And nothing else. Almonds, cashews, dates and dried fruit. Perfect. Be sure to check the labels, though, some have added sugar or peanuts, and those are a no on paleo.
  6. Epic bars-I found these last January and fell in love with them. It makes you feel a little like you’re back in Native American times and eating pemmican. Meaty and satisfying. Again, check your labels. Some have added sugar and other paleo no no’s. I found them at Whole Foods, and Amazon.
  7. Hard boiled eggs–Okay, so I’m adding something that’s not a personal fave, but others have had lots of success with keeping them fresh while on road trips. I love hard boiled eggs and eat them every day, but haven’t tried taking them on road trips. Hard boiled eggs in their shells are supposed to keep for over a day. I feel like they need refrigeration and don’t like the smell without. Personal choice.
  8. Crispy nuts–These crispy nuts are a life saver when I’m running around like a chicken with my head cut off. And the kids love them too. They’re the perfect blend of crispy and salty, fat and protein.
  9. Fresh fruit–For our Chicago trip, I bought lots of fresh fruit to keep in the bag. It’s easy and portable, and gets eaten super fast. Plus, it doesn’t have to keep refrigerated.
  10. Fresh cut up veggies–I like to keep to things that don’t mind being away from refrigeration and that I won’t mind eating not cold. Carrots, snap peas, grape tomatoes, bell peppers, celery (goes great with the almond butter).

So, these are my top 10 go to paleo take with me buy ahead of time foods. I took all of them with us when we went to Chicago last week for a couple of days, and they seriously saved our butt when we were hours without a restaurant in sight. No one whined about being hungry, and no one was amped up with too much sugar. Definitely a win-win.